**IF** this is our hour ...
What am I doing?
Part One

Bobby G. Richardson
God always has a plan ... and, He always has a man ... a woman ... a boy ... or a girl ..., who will rise to the occasion, and do His Will. **IF** I won’t do it ... or if you won’t do it ... He will find someone who will. Of that, I am convinced. In God’s Word, you and I can find everything we need to know about living a happy and victorious life for Him. Among the things we glean from God’s Word, we find food for our soul, words to build up our faith, instructions and guidance to teach us God’s ways, as well as wisdom, knowledge, and understanding ... and a weapon which can be used offensively and defensively.
The ancient city of Babylon ... a city known for its power, riches AND idolatry ... is the setting for the Book of Daniel. And, it is that very same region that is in the news today ... which is no coincidence. Daniel wasn’t a foreign exchange student, or on an extended vacation in Babylon. He was among the first captives taken from Jerusalem about 600 years before our Lord Jesus Christ walked the sandy shores of Galilee. Although, he never compromised his commitment to God, Daniel found favor in the eyes of King Nebuchadnezzar, and was elevated to a place of leadership and authority in the kingdom. God has done that sort of thing many times throughout human history because He always has a plan ..and He always has a man.
While much could be discussed about Daniel’s deliverance from the lion’s den and his three friends’ deliverance from the fiery furnace, it is my hope to share with you some things from the last three chapters of the Book of Daniel ... with the hope it will inspire you, encourage you AND challenge you to rise to the occasion, TODAY. I thank God that I’ve been blessed to live in this great country, a land which truly flows with milk and honey .... a land which is known for its abundance, freedom and riches. But, sadly, this great country has drifted away from the principles upon which it was founded, and has turned aside to the ways of sin and idolatry, as many nations have done before us. We may well find ourselves in a similar situation as Daniel did. Now, I know that is hard to imagine in this great country. But, it’s certainly not too far fetched, either ... **IF** we don’t repent as a nation, and return to those principles upon which we were established. Psalm 9:17 puts it this way ... The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. ... The time may come when we will have to hide to worship God in spirit and truth. Of course, those who have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof, will go along to get along. But, those of us who embrace the Apostles One God Monotheistic Doctrine had better have our eyes wide open, and our ears close to the ground. That’s not gloom and doom. That’s just the facts. That said, I still believe 2 Chronicles 7:14 is applicable today **IF** we as a nation obey it ... If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now, on with the last three chapters of the Book of Daniel ...
Daniel 10:1-21 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed unto Daniel, whose name was called Belteshazzar; and the thing was true, but the time appointed was long: and he understood the thing, and had understanding of the vision. In those days I Daniel was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. And in the four and twentieth day of the first month, as I was by the side of the great river, which is Hiddekel; Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz: His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude. And I Daniel alone saw the vision: for the men that were with me saw not the vision; but a great quaking fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves. Therefore I was left alone, and saw this great vision, and there remained no strength in me: for my comeliness was turned in me into corruption, and I retained no strength. Yet heard I the voice of his words: and when I heard the voice of his words, then was I in a deep sleep on my face, and my face toward the ground. And, behold, an hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands. And he said unto me, O Daniel, a man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand upright: for unto thee am I now sent. And when he had spoken this word unto me, I stood trembling. Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days. And when he had spoken such words unto me, I set my face toward the ground, and I became dumb. And, behold, one like the similitude of the sons of men touched my lips: then I opened my mouth, and spake, and said unto him that stood before me, O my lord, by the vision my sorrows are turned upon me, and I have retained no strength. For how can the servant of this my lord talk with this my lord? for as for me, straightway there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me. Then there came again and touched me one like the appearance of a man, and he strengthened me, And said, O man greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me. Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come. But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.

Before it happened, the prophets of the Lord had prophesied pending destruction **IF** the Jews didn’t turn from their wicked ways and idolatry, and repent. They didn’t. And, it happened just as God said it would. But, over 150 years before Cyrus was born, the Lord prophesied by Isaiah that under Cyrus, whom he referred to by name in Isaiah 44:26-28 and 45:1 &13, the Jews would return and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple ... BEFORE they were taken captive AND before Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed. Not only that, but in Isaiah 41:21-29, God challenges the gods of the other nations to predict the future like He does. AS FOR OUR GOD ... THERE IN NONE LIKE HIM! He proves that AND challenges all others. Cyrus’ decree to allow the Jews to return and rebuild can be found in Ezra 5:13-17 and 6:1-3.

Daniel 11:1-32 Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him. And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those. And the king of the south shall be strong, and one of his princes; and he shall be strong above him, and have dominion; his dominion shall be a great dominion. And in the end of years they shall join themselves together; for the king's daughter of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement: but she shall not retain the power of the arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm: but she shall be given up, and they that brought her, and he that begat her, and he that strengthened her in these times. But out of a branch of her roots shall one stand up in his estate, which shall come with an army, and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north, and shall deal against them, and shall prevail: And shall also carry captives into Egypt their gods, with their princes, and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold; and he shall continue more years than the king of the north. So the king of the south shall come into his kingdom, and shall return into his own land. But his sons shall be stirred up, and shall assemble a multitude of great forces: and one shall certainly come, and overflow, and pass through: then shall he return, and be stirred up, even to his fortress. And the king of the south shall be moved with choler, and shall come forth and fight with him, even with the king of the north: and he shall set forth a great multitude; but the multitude shall be given into his hand. And when he hath taken away the multitude, his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast down many ten thousands: but he shall not be strengthened by it. For the king of the north shall return, and shall set forth a multitude greater than the former, and shall certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much riches. And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall. So the king of the north shall come, and cast up a mount, and take the most fenced cities: and the arms of the south shall not withstand, neither his chosen people, neither shall there be any strength to withstand. But he that cometh against him shall do according to his own will, and none shall stand before him: and he shall stand in the glorious land, which by his hand shall be consumed. He shall also set his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom, and upright ones with him; thus shall he do: and he shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her: but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him. After this shall he turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many: but a prince for his own behalf shall cause the reproach offered by him to cease; without his own reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him. Then he shall turn his face toward the fort of his own land: but he shall stumble and fall, and not be found. Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle. And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant. And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people. He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time. And he shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the south with a great army; and the king of the south shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and mighty army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him. Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many shall fall down slain. And both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed. Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do exploits, [Exploits means to accomplish great feats, notable deeds, or heroic acts.] and return to his own land. At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter. For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved, and return, and have indignation against the holy covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant. And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate. And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. ..... We could talk all day about the various kingdoms and leaders both past and present. But, the fact is, we are living in the End Time. And, we need to be keenly aware of what’s going on around us, NOW. And, we need to be very prayerful, wise and astute AND well studied, rooted and grounded, in the Word. I am convinced that this IS our hour. What am I doing about it? What are you doing about it? To whom much is given, much shall be required (Luke 12:48). And, we ALL will give an account, one day. Remember the one who wrapped up his one talent in a napkin, and hid it? Also, the Bible says those who have been forgiven of much, loveth much. And, those who have been forgiven of little, loveth little. (Luke 7:47) May God help us to be strong and do exploits!


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